About Verified Timber


In 2005 the timber structures standard NZS3603 was amended to require that timber used in certain construction applications is verified for its strength and stiffness properties. A new standard, NZS3622, was also introduced setting out the parameters for verifying these timber properties. As a result the Verified Timber quality assurance programme was established.

This is the Verified Timber trademark.

Verified Timber trademark
It is Verified Timber Ltd’s trademark for assurance of timber strength and stiffness.

Why insist on Verified Timber?

Timber marked with the Verified Timber trademark complies with the New Zealand standard NZS3622:2004 Verification of Timber Properties.

Most importantly the Verified Timber trademark signifies that the product is licensed by Verified Timber Ltd. As such the producer complies with the requirements of the company’s Verified Timber Quality Manual and is subject to the audit programme administered by the company. This company and programme are endorsed by the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation and is the programme of choice for its members.

Verified Timber quality assurance

Timber marked with the Verified Timber trademark also shows the grade with which it complies and the company name or licence number that identifies the site where it was produced and graded.

Who can use the Verified Timber trademark?

Only companies that are licensed and regularly monitored by Verified Timber Ltd can use the Verified Timber trademark. Find out more about joining the programme.

What are the grades?

Verified Timber can be produced by two types of grading system, machine stress grading and visual grading. Timber graded under both systems is tested in the same way through random sampling and testing on a properly calibrated stiffness testing machine. Rigid pass requirements must be adhered to by all Verified Timber licensees to ensure that standards of strength and stiffness are maintained. Verified timber grade details.